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Cast of Characters

Each character has an alternate persona within the text of Collage/Debate, indicated in the description in this style with their speaking colours.


Mai Kuju, a Bene Gesserit

Although she is only fourteen years old, Mai's extraordinary psychic powers have attracted the attention of the Wisdom Alliance, an underground political organisation anxious to use her powers. In Mai's desperate attempt to remain free of the Alliance, she has experienced both great danger and kind, gentle protection. She has made a vow to use her powers only to do good but, to honour her vow, she must remain free of the Alliance. She is part of an exclusive sisterhood whose members train their bodies and minds through years of physical and mental conditioning to obtain powers and abilities that can easily seem magical to outsiders.


Turm Garten, a.k.a. Dr. Science

Turm Garten is another young girl with tremendous psychic powers. When conventional methods proved insufficent, the Wisdom Alliance sent Turm to Japan to capture Mai. Turm has threatened Mai and tried to trick her into doing the bidding of the Alliance, but thus far has been unsuccessful. She knows more than you do, and has a Masters Degree... in science!


Shuichi Kuju

Mai's father Shuichi had been missing ever since he was thrown off a cliff in Togakushi during a fight with Kaieda's men, but is now back in Tokyo. He has suffered severe amnesia, and remembers nothing. He cannot even recognize Mai.


Kaieda, a.k.a. Abulafia the Mystic

The Wisdom Alliance had hired Senzo Kaieda (a powerful behind-the-scenes man in the Japanese political world), to contain Mai. After Mai turned herself into Kaieda, however, he surprised everyone by refusing to turn her over to the Wisdom Alliance. Ever since, he has been acting as Mai's guardian and protector.He has been investigating the Knights Templar's coming into possession of an ancient secret knowledge of energy flows called telluric currents during the Crusades.


Kenmochi, a.k.a. Damien Fall

Assistant to Kaieda, and privy to all of Kaida's plans, Kenmochi has taken over the operation to designed to eliminate Turm Garten. A sometime astronomer, he is startled by the sudden reappearance of ancient stars (including H. P. Lovecraft's Aldebaran) in the night sky.


Mrs. Mineo, a.k.a. Zippy the Pinhead

Mrs. Mineo is an old woman who works for Kaieda. She is responsible for taking care of Mai's everyday needs. She has begun to lose some focus in her old age, frequently rambling on to anyone who will listen.


Hired Goon

One of Kenmochi's men, hired to help track down and eliminate Dr. Science. He quickly falls prey to the Doctor's powers, and believes himself to be in a terrible foreign land.